German doctor uses magical hands to massage Stella Nyanzi’s thighs

Former Makerere University Professor who specialised in sexuality studies Dr Stella Nyanzi took to her Facebook page to praise the magical fingers that touched her body.

Thee professor is very well known when it comes to issues to do with her private sexual life as she does not shy away.

She bares it all and leaves nothing to the imagination of her followers.

Basing by her age, one would think the milf should be humble and leave some topics to the much younger people .

Nyanzi though disagrees and continues to show that the sweet animal is indeed enjoyed by everyone regardless of their age.

In her latest Facebook post, she talks of how she hurt her knee.

When she went to seek for medical attention, she opted for the natural methods but she was left all horny by the magical hands of the medical practitioner.

“And then I consulted Egon Heckel a natural healing practitioner with magic fingers. At first visit, he gave me reflexology foot thrapy, deep muscle therapy, fire treatment to release my Qi energy flow, a softer bandage and both liquid and some herbal remedies to use. Yesterday i went for my second vist. Again Egan’s magical fingers rubbed creme onto my feet, massaged the tender but stiff muscles of my calfs, used the fire cupping therapy to suck out toxic energy and did some more therapy to enhance my energy flow.” Stella Nyanzi posted.

In some of the pics,she posted,the doctor can be seen massaging Stella’s thighs in a sensual way which left social media users wondering if she did not become horny.

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