Geosteady Converts to Islam, Fans say he reminds them of Chameleone

Its normal business on social media platforms amidst the viral post of singer William Kigozi alias Geosteady converting to Islam this afternoon. The singer took it to his official social wall and sent a tough warning to all pork joints around and within Kampala… However, this move did not impress some of his fans as they claimed that he had eaten pork for a very long time…

Singer Geosteady converted to Islam in the presence of top music stars for example Edrisa Musuza alias Eddy Kenzo… In addition, also very many Islamic leaders were present as the singer crossed to the new religion… According to a credible source of information, his new name Islamic name is Hassan Kigozi…

Here are the different reactions from social media inlaws after Geosteady converted to Islam…

Rashidah Shants: Wooooow welcome to islam dia,religion of peace. May the Allah bless you,and forgive yr mistakez,,,,,,,,,we pray u gt iman immediately,.

Juma Mutabali: Banange Tituffu Kigozi osilamuse Allah kareem weteleze nanti Obusilamu lye kuubo but be ready to face challenges. In addition, tests and hate which will follow as its done by mankind.. May Allah grant you hidaya and strong belief in Islam.

Hanifah Twinzmum: Masha Allah my heart gets over whelmed when someone chooses islam as his or her deen… nsaba Allah akunyweze akukulembere ate owangale onulamu obulungamu obusanyusa Allah wo… masha Allah tabaraka Allah.

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