Geosteady Confesses To Stalking Baby Mama Prima Kardashi


Musician Hassan Kigozi aka Geosteady has admitted to stalking his ex wife and baby mama, Prima Kardashi.

The singer during a press conference for his upcoming ‘Wine and Dine with Geosteady’ said that he knew each and every detail concerning his baby mama.

This was at a time she was in another relationship with Galaxy FM presenter Mr Henrie.

Geosteady too on the other hand was in a relationship withba one Hindu Kay.

“I’ve been stalking Mama So even when he was with @MrHenrie_, I’m team her, I know everything that was going on,” said Geosteady.

Prima too on being questioned whether two are back together said that she’s mature enough to do whatever she wants.

“I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. We are mature enough to make our own decisions,” Prima said.

The two have been inseparable for the last few days.

During this particular conference, none of them could take their hand off each other and were even seen cuddling and higging each other in fron of the cameras.

The once upon a time couple share two kids together, Sorayah and Solange.

It’s difficult to rule out a reunion as they say that water flows from a path it has ever used to run.

These two a couple of years ago weren’t seeing eye to eye after breaking up and exchanged heated words in the media.

The Viola singer even got to a point of denying being the father of Prima’s two daughters.

With Prima having broken up with Mr Henrie a few months ago, it seems they are now getting back together undeterred.

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