Gen Katumba Wamala’s body guard should be questioned- Betty Nambooze

Following the failed attempted assassination of Minister of Works and transport, Gen Katumba Wamala yesterday, a lot of people have come out to give their opinions about the whole incident.

It should be recalled that Gen Wamala yesterday escaped an assassination with minor injuries. This happened while he was going to attend his mother in-law’s vigil.

However his daughter Brenda Nantongo and driver did not make it alive after succumbing to the bullets.

Nambooze while appearing on the Barometer show on NBS TV said Katumba’s bodyguard emerging from the car without any injuries while Katumba was soaked in blood is questionable.

“The Uganda we are in today is about comforting ourselves. How lucky is Gen. Katumba Wamala to survive the assassination?! It was shocking to see the body guard unharmed yet Katumba was soaked in blood.” Betty Nambooze said.

The Mukono Municipality legislator also added that the assailants might not have been trying to kill the general but pass on a message to him.

“I think the assassins were sending a message to Katumba.” Nambooze added.

The often vocal MP wasn’t done addressing this issue. She added that President Museveni’s response after the shooting showed that he knew something about the assassins.

“President Museveni’s response shows that he knows the assailants.”Nambooze added.

It should be noted that the president addressed the issue yesterday on his Twitter page. The president called the assassin’s pigs and said the bodyguard should have shot to kill them instead of shooting in the air.

He however promised to make a thorough investigation and bring them to book.

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