Gas cylinder explosion: One killed and 5 injured

Kampala– Shock has today covered the areas of Banda – Nakawa, and Kireka after a gas cylinder explosion leaving one person dead and 5 severely injured.

The gas cylinder explosion happened today at around 11:30 am from the metal fabrication company, Banda Nakawa Division, Kampala.

Gas cylinder explosion
Security protecting the Fabrication Company premises in Banda after the gas cyclinder explosion incident.

“The cylinder exploded during the normal working time,” the company employee revealed”.

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“They were rolling the cylinder to take it for work and it hit some fabrication plates, I think its Volvo was loose, and it exploded hitting 6 people. One person died on the way to the hospital with others who are still alive but severely injured.” He said.

The deceased, identified as Daina whom the cylinder particles cut her stomach after the gas cyclinder explosion. However, she died on the way to the hospital in a company vehicle.


“The cylinder particles also penetrated the fabrication workshop,” the employee added. In addition, it damaged nearby hostels and areas.

Finally, this is the second gas cylinder explosion this year after the one that happened on 14th August 2019 in Mikka trading center, Wakiso district. This left Taddeo Jagenda, 51, and Suleiman Kinobe, 73 dead.

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