Full list of MPs scrambling for the Late Hon Jacob Oulanyah’s Job

Just a few days after the Speaker of Parliament Hon Jacob Oulanyah passing away from a yet to be confirmed illness, a number of NRM MPs have already showed interest in scooping his job.

These have been about 13 in number, however one of them, the Minister of Health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng pulled out of the race.

The others include the current Deputy Speaker Hon Anita Among, Sembabule MP Hon Theodore Ssekikubo plus others.

These however will have to await the final decision from the NRM’S top making decision organ, the CEC. It will come to the final decision after sitting today and tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Dr Aceng revealed that the reason as to why she left the race is because she didn’t get enough time to consult with the NRM’S CEC.

People are however disappointed that the NRM is already in plans to fill up the void left by the Speaker before even his body is handed to his family.

However, according to the constitution, the Speaker’s body has to be seen off by the Speaker and not tje Deputy speaker. This means that the Speaker will have to be elected before Hon Jacob Oulanyah is laid to rest.

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