Full Figure reveals what should be done for Solomon Kampala after being caught with drugs

Controversial faded singer Jennifer Nakangubi aka Full Figure has come out to reveal what should be done for Bobi Wine’s son Solomon Kampala.

This was after the 17 year old was kicked out of school for 2 weeks for drug possession.

Solomon was nabbed after a random dormitory checkup and found in possession of ‘weed’ rolled up in a paper and a lighter.

He was then given a suspension of two weeks and the media got wound of the story after his suspension had ended.

Full Figure however cautioned people to go slow on this matter because no one knows if its true.

Besides a suspension letter wasn’t seen by anyone. The head teacher Bro Deodati Aliganyira however confirmed the suspension.

Full Figure added that in case this is true Solomon should be counseled since he’s at a dangerous age and not trolled on social media.

“Bobi Wine’s son Solomon doesn’t need social media trolling he needs counseling if its true he was caught red handed with drugs. I am a parent and I don’t think there is any parent who advises their children to use drugs. Solomon is still a young boy and I am sure Bobi Wine and Barbie are good parents they will advise,” Full Figure said.

This comes as a surprise since Full Figure has always used all her energy to attack Bobi Wine.

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