Frank Gashumba tells Rickman to stop chewing his daughter for free

Renowned businessman Frank Gashumba has warned Ugandan rapper to stop chewing his daughter Sheila Gashumba for free.

The vocal political analyst wants the Naki rapper to make things official after asking for his bride price from Rick man.

This was after Rickman tweeted an intimate photo of him and Sheila calling her the sexiest girl in Kampala.

Gashumba retweeted the photo asking Rickman where the bride price is as he goes around feasting on his daughter endlessly.

“Where is the bride price Sir?” Gashumba tweeted.

Sheila and Rick man have been chewing themselves endlessly and the socialite a few days ago posted photos of a tired Rickman deep in sleep.

It seemed like the two were from having numerous romping sessions that previous night.

Sheila is one of the celebrities who has chewed a number of city dudes but her relationships always end in tears.

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