Frank Gashumba accused of b0nking daughter Sheilah Gashumba

According to the latest rumors which seem to be maliciously damaging, businessman and political analyst Frank Gashumba has been accused of feasting on his own daughter Sheilah Gashumba.

Gashumba has raised Sheilah hugely all by himself after he parted ways with her mother, Tina Mukuza.

A local newspaper headline had a shocking headline saying “Frank Gashumba Yegadanga Ne Muwala we Sheilah,” meaning that Frank Gashumba chews his own daughter Sheilah.

However this was an edit and had no truth in it because the newspaper never had such a publication.

The attack comes after Gashumba launched a full scale verbal war against Bobi Wine’s NUP. Gashumba said that the Kamwokya based party was just created to demolish credible opposition of FDC and Dr Kiiza Besigye.

He further said that these had achieved their goal and were only liberating themselves in the so called struggle. Gashumba further said that Bobi Wine is always meeting with Gen Salim Saleh while Barbie has State House as her other home.

An authoritative Gashumba said that he has the evidence and he will release it if they dare him.

“Nabagambye abajega bano batidde Nyo! People who are intimidated by FACTS the resort to Character Assassination. And once they realise hating isn’t working they resort to blackmail. CHARACTER ASSASSINATION HAS REPLACED DEBATE IN National unity platform,” Gashumba said.

NUP earlier on hit back at Gashumba with sexual predatory allegations before labeling him a mad and delusional man.

This is not the first time NUP is being accused of being a branch of NRM and neither is it the first time Gashumba is being accused of chewing his daughter’s vegetables.

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