Former Chief Justice Bart Katureebe cautions bail removal

Former Chief Justice Bart Katureebe cautions bail removal

Former Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has cautioned President Museveni over his intentions of scrapping bail for suspected capital offenders.
President Museveni has time and again expressed his interest to scrap bail for suspected capital offenders and also revive the death penalty sentence for those found guilty of committing murder.
Despite the president’s intentions, members of the judiciary and human rights activists have expressed antagonism to the President’s intentions of scrapping bail and introducing the death penalty.

While addressing at the launch of the country’s first alternative Dispute Resolution Firm, Praxis Conflict Centre (PCC), Former Chief Justice Bart Katureebe said revisiting the constitution would help solve the current issue as he went to say;
“The Foundation for Human Rights Initiative had gone to the court challenging certain aspects of bail saying it is a right and the constitutional court disagreed with them.

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They appealed to the Supreme Court. We sat a panel of five to seven judges because it is a constitutional matter and we gave a decision. We have reasoned judgments there so go and read our judgments.”
Furthermore, while speaking of Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR), the Justice advised that Incase parties found themselves in a conflicting situation, it would be wise to seek expert knowledge from other avenues.

“Cases are taking as many as five years or even more to resolve. This not only denies the litigants the right to have speedy trials and resolution of disputes, but ties up valuable resources from the economy, particularly with regard to commercial justice,” he explained.
In his opinion, he has increasing been convinced that there is need to focus more on the ADR mechanism which includes mediation, negotiation and arbitration in which parties can quickly come up with solutions for their challenges rather than going through the formal court system unless it is a must.

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