“Fool me one time shame on you,” There is no nobility in poverty – Dr Kedi Rogers

There is no nobility in poverty – Dr Kedi Rogers

As the old cliché goes, a promise is a date. So it is. As Uganda celebrated her 59th independence day, one intern Doctor in waiting Dr. Kedi Rogers took time to remind the president about a promise he made to the medical society about an increase in their salaries for medical workers and  intern Doctors, Pharmacists, nurses and co.

In an open letter addressed to the President, DR kedi Rogers  showed his disappointment in the sluggish way the presidents directives concerning medical worker’s meager pay has been handled. He referred to a letter the president directed that the pay of Medical workers be increased and specifically an entry level medical officer be paid a monthly salary of 5Million Ugandan shillings monthly and 17 million shillings for a senior consultant and a respective increase among the other cadres. This was on the 30th September 2019 after the collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

In his letter, Kedi breaks down emotionally as he tries to describe the tribulations intern doctors go through serving their nation. The economics involved in the day today life of a medical internee is next to impossible. With 700,000shs (current monthly pay) Kedi says it is bare enough to sustain a medical worker. Given that the medical internees do absolutely everything while they are in internship. The government policy of paying their monthly salaries quarterly even worsens the situation.

‘’Infact, many Ugandan interns are just surviving but not living. The idea is that they should be able to live and not just gamble for a daily living’’

In his letter titled ‘’NO 2.5 MILLION NO INTERNSHIP’’ which became rather very popular on all social media platforms and among his colleagues who evidently share the same concern, Dr. Kedi tried to bring the persons responsible to account and question the president’s office about what could have gone wrong on a promise that everyone agreed was inevitable.

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Mr Kedi is hopeful to lead his group of disgruntled interns on the frontline in pursuing this issue to the very end.  The letter projects a powerful statement both to the persons responsible and to the medical intern community. Writing this letter takes a soul and a brain and Mr. Kedi Rogers clearly seems to have both.  I stand to be corrected.

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