Five interesting facts about FIFA World Cup games

As we continue to explore more about the 2022 FIFA World Cup, today we bring out certain facts surrounding the Doha FIFA World Cup, which is set to be held in 2022.

1.The proximity of the stadiums

Qatar is a small country, almost 1,478 times smaller than the host of the previously held FIFA World Cup, Russia.

Having said that, the stadiums set for the FIFA games 2022 will be well-connected through the metro network which has an overall length of 300 km and covers 100 stations including all the venues set for the FIFA World Cup.

Due to this, traveling from one venue to the other would not be a hassle for the fans.

In fact, right since the beginning, the aim of the Fifa games 2022 in Qatar has been to make it the most accessible Fifa world cup for everyone.

Keeping in mind that many fans traveling from around the world have to keep the geographical conditions in mind, this is already a huge step forward into making the World Cup a success.

2. The beauty of stadiums

The tournament is set to be played in the fewest stadiums ever since 1978 when the host nation Argentina hosted the world cup with just six stadiums.

Likewise, Qatar is spending an estimated $200 billion USD for infrastructural projects in the wake of FIFA 2022 which is staggering in itself.

In fact, as part of the project, there will be around 70,000 outdoor lights set up and a whopping 84,000 tons of steel is being used for the infrastructural projects.

The amount of steel that is being used is almost double the amount which was used for Burj Khalifa.

Since Qatar is widely renowned for its fine hospitality and luxuries, the Stadiums are being designed to provide the best in class in class entertainment facilities along with a unique experience of games.

3. The location of Qatar

One of the major reasons why the FIFA World Cup in Qatar promises a lot more visitors than usual is its location.

The country is located right at the center of the Earth and is in equal proximity to all parts of the world.

Whether you think of Asia, Europe, Africa, or the other countries in the world, the location of Qatar is strategically perfect for the world cup to take place as visitors from all around the world would be able to commute here to enjoy the spectacle.

In fact, researchers believe that the number of visitors set to travel to Qatar in 2022 for the FIFA World Cup would be over 1.2 million.

If the figures turn out to be true, there will be twice the number of visitors in Qatar as compared to the number during the 2014 World Cup which was held in Brazil.

4. A World Cup in winter

The Doha FIFA World Cup will officially be the first-ever world cup to be held in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter season.

Before this, world cups have usually taken place during June and July months in the Southern Hemisphere as it is the time when this region has winters.

However, since Qatar is located in the Northern Hemisphere, the FIFA World Cup would be held in November and December in the Northern Hemisphere for the first time ever.

You can expect to get the most pleasant weather during these months in Qatar as the temperatures hover around the 20-25°C mark.

5. First muslim-majority nation to host the World Cup

Qatar is the first middle eastern country to host this prestigious event of world football.

Not just this, but it will also be only the second-ever world cup to be held in Asia.

The first one was held back in 2002 when Japan and South Korea co-hosted the sporting event.

Having said that though, there are political lines already being drawn for this FIFA world cup as there are reports that suggest there may be political issues for the fans and players traveling to Qatar from other middle eastern countries.

Facts about venues for the FIFA World Cup 2022

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