Fille sends strong warning to Caroline Marcah about MC Kats

Songstress Fille Mutoni has come out to send a strong warning to Caroline Marcah and all those women flying around her ex and baby daddy MC Kats.

The two dated for almost a decade and even sired a daughter together. They however in 2019 ended their on and off relationship bitterly.

Kats moved on into another relationship with Caroline Marcah although the two claim to be just best friends.

While talking to Sanyuka TV, Fille said that Kats is free to be with whoever he wants. This is because she can’t stoop so low to go around seeing who he’s dating.

Besides, she added that she doesn’t know who Caroline Marcah, Kats alleged girlfriend is. The singer added that she’s never heard of the name and she wouldn’t even go after her if she knew her.

“I would never stoop so low to fight for a man. Kats has the right to choose and be with who he wants. I even don’t know who Caroline Marcah is and I have never heard of that name. The media should stop assuming things and trying to pin me against the fellow women who I don’t even know. What I meant by saying that no woman will ever fill Kats heart than me is because of the unbreakable bond of our daughter that binds us together,” Fille said.

Fille was also questioned if she’s gotten back with Kats since the two are so close of late. They were even seen together celebrating their daughter’s 7th birthday.

Fille however said that Kats is helping in her career once again because it will help in their child’s future. Fille however said children leaving netizens guessing if they will give birth to more kids.

“Kats helps me out to push my music and brand because he knows that it will benefit our child/children,” the singer said.

She was also questioned why Kats is always happy around her more than with Caroline Marcah.

The songstress said that
said “there is always always a clear difference between pretense and truth, so I’m glad that you noticed the truth.”

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