Faridah Nakazibwe leaves fans wondering if she keeps nudes in her phone

Media personality Faridah Nakazibwe has left her fans what she keeps in her phone that she treasures more than her car.

The Mwasuze Mutya show host in a Twitter revelation said that someone would rather steal her car than her phone.

According to Faridah, her phone keeps a lot of her secrets and if anyone got hold of it, she would be damn busted and exposed.

This left her followers wondering what she keeps inside it.

Some even started contemplating that it might be nude photos and videos.

Others started even imagining if only they could dive into her phone for a moment and see what she meant by her post.

Some even advised to keep her phone clean of any content that would put her and her image in harm’s way.

A number of female celebrities have seen their phones stolen or even hacked and the rest is unimaginable.

Some of these contain nudes which they keep while exchanging with their lovers.

The likes of Princess Becky Jjuko of the Ebonies, Angela Kalule, Judith Heard among others have all fallen victim to such tragedies and hopefully Faridah won’t be the other.

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