Fans turn onto Kapa Cat as they demand to chew her

Don’t mess around with Ugandan fans because they can do anything unimaginable.

This was the case as local female singer Kapa Cat took took to her social media pages to post that being sweet is a major thing in this era.

“Okuwooma kintu kikulu kumulembe guno, Goodnight,” she posted.

This left the pervs guessing what she was meaning and being the naughty character she’s, her fans decided to straight and right away ask her if she’s sweet and if they can have a piece of her yummy Kapa.

“Nga oyinamu nakasente, teli mukazi mwaavu awooma,” a fan said meaning that no broke woman is sweet therefore they should also work.

“Katonda yakuma figure Bambi,” another rudely jokingly told the singer in regards to the photo she posted.

“Mando of TAF music told us that your not sweet,”

“Nange mpa ku kapa yo,” a fan told her how he can’t wait to mingle with her.

“Za question is Owooma?” One asked.

“Era mama, many have achieved through their Nabunyaz,” another fan commented.

“Come and I test on your kapa,”

“Waaa, nze abuuza gwe Kapa owooma,”

“Obuntu webuti buwomeera ddala,” another went.

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