Fake Sale! Akamwesi Shopping Mall not for sale

With the asking price of Ugx 74 billion, the Gayaza-Kampala Road-based multi-billion Akamwesi shopping mall was found listed for sale on SMERGERS a Private Market Network for Businesses.

The mall’s sales advert was listed under a premium plan in Uganda’s Building, Construction and Maintenance category on the said website.

“Asking Price: UGX 74 billion (Native Currency: USD 19,000,000) Reason: – Bank acquired this property and looking to dispose of it through an advisor.’ The advisor is helping the bank sell the property and they will charge a fee from the buyer post-purchase,” The advert read in parts.

“Akamwesi Mall isn’t for sale and we wish to warn the public to be aware of the fraud schemes that are staged by the unknown people for their hidden benefits,” one of the proprietors who preferred anonymous told this website.

He confirmed the advert to be fake and baseless and argued any interested individuals or entities to handle it with the contempt it deserves.

The scheme has also published that a Microfinance Company involved in dairy farming and short-term lending of operational loans based in Nakasongola, Uganda is seeking a loan as working capital to disburse bigger loans.

The advert informs as follows:

Seeking Loan
UGX 50 million for 10.0% annual interest, 5 years (Native Currency: UGX 50,000,000)
Reason: Working capital to disburse bigger loans. Collateral Available: UGX 250 million, includes physical assets worth UGX 45 million.
This is also confirmed to be fake and a planned scheme to acquire money from any person or entity that may fall victim.
“The advert for seeking for money to boost disbursements is also fake and a fraud scheme to steal money from the victims, please disregard,” he added.

Among other details, the advert informed that the company rents an office in the city of Kampala, a farm of over 250 acres located 120 kilometres north of Kampala and 50 acres of land owned by the company owners. The company also maintains and works on 200 acres of land that is owned by their relatives. No rent is paid for the land.

More details of the advert can be accessed via this link.

The legitimacy of the website and of course the information shared in each advert can be so tempting for anyone interested in such fat dealings. One needs to be so curious and very careful in committing to such fake sales and dealings to avoid severe repercussions.

Akamwesi Shopping Mall offers an exciting modern shopping experience where shoppers can enjoy an exciting tenant mix including fashion boutiques, major banks, restaurants, corporate offices fitness centers, health facilities and more. The mall is located along Gayaza -Kampala Rd, Kampala a few meters from Kalererwe town in Kawempe Division, Kampala Capital.

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