Faded singer Pretty Glo threatens to commit suicide

Faded singer Pretty Glo has threatened neitzens to commit suicide. Being in the spotlight is not an easy thing for some people to handle and some of these end up resorting to drugs for comfort.

These drugs can end up into an addiction which ruins their lives.

Faded singer Pretty Glo seems one of those that is currently undergoing addiction and battling drug abuse.

Through her Facebook page, she ran a series of posts even hinting on committing suicide.

“Committing suicide would be a plan. Depression hits you first. U reject everything. There is something so special I can do. Managing addiction is experience,” Pretty Glo posted.

The Tebatusobola singer posted a number of disturbing posts on her Facebook page and clearly looks to be undergoing severe depression.

Her ex boyfriend Qute Kaye who was also at one time battling drug addiction with her showed off a new girlfriend.

This could be part of Pretty Glo’s misery.

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