Facts about host cities for the Doha FIFA World Cup 2022

As we continue to look at the facts about the world cup in Qatar, today we are looking at the cities that are set to host the FIFA World Cup matches in 2022.

Al Wakrah

Being one of the oldest and largest cities in the country, Al Wakrah is one of the host cities for the FIFA World Cup.

Home to some scintillating historical sites and sandy beach, this is a city that has a rich past behind it.

As the history portrays, Al Wakrah was a famous pearl trade and fishing center.

The city has seen many pearl chases over the years and is also a place where travelers can find the most number of dhows.

Speaking of what it offers, Al Wakrah is home to a scintillating sandy beach and a number of historical sites that clearly portray the traditional housing style of the city as well.

Visitors coming here on their trip to Qatar can find a number of environmental and other archeological exhibits at the museums in the city.

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Not only this, but the museums in the city also portray a whole history of the city, its art and architecture right from the early days.

Besides, talking about the venue, the Al Wakrah is home to the Al Janoub Stadium that is one of the venues for the FIFA World Cup.

The stadium has been engineered with all modern facilities for the comfort of the fans and its design represents dhow boats that have a significant place in the city’s history and are used by the city’s inhabitants even today.

Al Wakrah is even home to one of the country’s oldest and most significant sporting clubs, the Al Wakrah sporting club.

Established about 60 years ago, the club has won promotion twice to Qatar’s first division and holds a special place in the city of Al Wakrah.


The FIFA 2022 World Cup is often being referred to as the Doha FIFA World Cup, and the reason behind this is simple to understand.

Out of all the eight venues selected for the FIFA 2022 games, Doha has the majority of stadiums and is set to host the maximum number of games.

The city is located about 17 km from Al Wakrah and has a population of 2,382,000.

Doha was established in the year 1686 and has a rich history behind it.

From being a small village to becoming one of the wealthiest cities in the world, this is a city that is oozing with confidence today.

Visitors coming on their holidays here can find themselves spoilt for choices as the city offers a number of attractions like incredible desert landscapes, mesmerizing beaches, the finest shopping malls, and so much more.

Notably, so, the city has preserved its history in the form of its museums and forts.

Visit Doha: Best of Doha, Qatar Travel 2021 | Expedia Tourism

Sites like the Barzan Towers or the Doha Fort right at the heart of the city is a location like no other.

In fact, not just the forts and beaches Doha is home to a true man-made marvel like the Corniche which is one of the finest places when it comes to watching the sunset or the city’s amazing skyline.

What’s more? Doha is home to another iconic location in Qatar like the Souq Waqif.

One of the finest and most historical locations in the city, visitors love coming to Souq Waqif during their travels in Qatar for a unique shopping experience.

The place boasts of its traditional Qatari buildings and a number of traditional as well as International restaurants that give a blissful culinary experience to the visitors.

Talking about the venues, the city is home to six of the total eight venues for the FIFA World Cup 2022 and has already hosted a number of international sporting events over the years.

Most notable ones being the 2006 Asian Games and the 2011 AFC Asian Cup which saw Japan crowned champions.


Home to one of the venues of the FIFA World Cup, Al-Khor is a city that has a history much similar to that of Doha.

Although not as big as Doha in terms of its population which is about 31,547, Al-Khor was established in 1785 and well-renowned for its fishing industry and pearl trade.

The city is home to some popular Qatar tourist attractions like the Al-Thakira Natural Reserve, Purple Island, notable beaches, and a number of museums boasting of their archeological exhibits.

Al-Khor is rooted in a 3km long inlet and is a go-to pick for visitors who like Kayaking.

Al Khor - Welcome Qatar | Places to visit, Bay city, East coast

In fact, the Al-Thakira Natural Reserve in Al-Khor is the finest site for kayaking as it offers a perfect blend of nature and wildlife experience.

Speaking of the world cup, the city is home to one of the eight venues for the FIFA World Cup which is the Al Bayt Stadium.

Designed with modern facilities for the comfort of visitors and boasting of its design which has been inspired by Bayt al Sha’ar, this is a stadium that catches people’s attention.

Bayt al sha’ar is the name used for traditional tents in which the nomadic people of Al-Khor used to live in older times.

The design of the stadium has been inspired by it which makes it even more appealing and also passes on a message of historical importance amongst the youth of Qatar today.

Besides, the best part about Al-Khor is that it is located in very close proximity to the city of Doha.

In fact, the newly opened Al-Khor road reduces the travel time between Al-Khor and Doha by up to 60%.

Al Rayyan

One of the four cities to host the FIFA 2022 games in Qatar, Al Rayyan has a number of attractions, even though the city isn’t as well known as the other cities of Qatar.

It comprises of the largest population center outside the Doha proper in Qatar and is right in the thick of things as far as the FIFA 2022 is concerned.

Al Rayyan is home to the Khalifa International Stadium that is one of the largest stadiums in the country and one of the venues if the FIFA World Cup.

Retaj Al Rayyan | FREE Cancellation 2021 Doha Deals, HD Photos & Reviews

The stadium was established in 1976 in Al Rayyan but was later incorporated in the Aspire zones by the authorities in Qatar.

It originally had a maximum seating capacity of 50,000 which was later upscaled to 68,030 in accordance with the FIFA rules of minimum seating capacity requirement.

Khalifa International Stadium has previously hosted many International level games.

The stadium was the venue where the 2011 AFC Asian Cup final was played.

It has even hosted some major events like the International friendly between England and Brazil.

Facts you need to know about FIFA World Cup in Qatar

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