Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp restored after a second outage in a month

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp restored after a second outage in a month

The world’s most popular social apps Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down on Thursday afternoon according to the trusted sources.

Billions of users of the popular social apps experienced a blackout of the services which lasted for over 20 minutes on most continents.

This was reported a second outage in a month period after the first occurrance on 19th March 2021.

The outage appeared to start around 5:30PM ET, with several thousand people reporting it based on Down Detector, complaint tools and others via Twitter.

Facebook returned a “sorry, something went wrong. Try again later” error on each attempt for access.

After almost half an hour, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp all seemed to be recovering slowly.

“We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again,” said the Instagram app whenever we tried to access any part of the app. We’re not able to refresh our feed of photos and videos, nor were we able to send messages, reports from TechRadar noted.

Several reports also indicated that WhatsApp was similar, with a ‘Connecting’ and circular rotating icon near the top, and a similar issue was noticed in the Facebook Messenger app.

“Messages didn’t go out to our contacts for about half an hour. “Eventually out WhatsApp messages went through, but the app is still having trouble connecting,” confirmed the TechRadar.

Such outages normally happen on most Tech companies’ services like we have always seen on Google’s Youtube, Email and other services. However, they always don’t take so long for restoration.

Facebook’s developer Jane Wong tweeted confirming how the outage had also affected the company’s internal websites.

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Cyclone Times hasn’t learnt of any response from Facebook on why their multibillion social network apps went down and how many users were affected. All the attempts of inquiry by different agencies have so far been declined by the leading Social Network.

Meanwhile, over 500 million LinkedIn users’ data is allegedly on sale from a hackers’ website.

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