Evelyne Lagu’s Ex-Husband refuses son to offer Kidney to his mother

Evelyne Lagu's Ex-Husband refuses son to offer Kidney to his mother

Singer Evelyne Lagu’s ex-husband Sekisonge Andrew has refused son Freddie Kasavu to offer his kidney to his mother [Evelyne Love]. Kasavu who turns 18 next month has revealed that he is willing to offer the kidney to his mother…

This because she has been there for him as a single mother therefore he can’t look on while she is dying in pain… This follows after Evelyne was told she needs over 200M for a kidney transplant… A few weeks ago, over 60M was raised during a car wash which was aimed at fundraising for her transplant.

In a leaked audio, Evylne Lagu is heard insisting that her son must give her the kidney… This is because she raised him as a single mother and thus he should come to her rescue…

“I don’t think there is anyone who loves Freddie more than I do… He is my son and it’s me who gave birth to him and also I take responsibility to do everything for him. Additionally, no one has even ever helped me to bring him up therefore I don’t know what you are talking about,” Evelyne Lagu said.

“Kidney transplants are very complicated because you are putting the son’s life in danger for his entire life… Also, in most cases, its only when someone is expired… Also, how will you know that the kidney the son has offered is the one they will put into you,” Lagu’s ex-husband said.

Briefly, Evelyne Lagu and Ex-husband Andrew Sekisonge broke up in 2008 because of domestic violence. According to reports, Andrew used to beat Lagu like she was a stranger in his life every time he came back home drunk. Evelyn also revealed that her husband had promised to kill her and bury her at the backyard.

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