Essential workers to get movement permits online

Essential workers to get movement permits online

Unlike the previous lockdown, essential workers shall be required to apply and get movement permits online

According to a statement realized by the Ministry of Health, all essential workers will have to apply for movement permits online through the Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT) website so as to attain movement permits.

These permits shall be essential for whoever plans on moving in the next 42 days when the lockdown will be on and this category is comprised of essential workers according to the president’s description.

In this category, various professions were listed and these may include health workers, journalists, utility providers, cargo truck drivers, security officers, manufacturers and government employees.

“The responsible officer in the health facility/ institution will download a movement request form from MoWT website. This form will then be filled and submitted to the same link with names of the health workers and other essential workers that will be working through out this period,” read the statement in part.

Subsequently, the statement that was realized indicated that MoWT shall either approve or deny to provide a permit for the applicant and this feedback shall be delivered through the same link.

All permits shall have a QR code which will be used to verify whether the permit is valid or not since it will be downloaded directly from the MoWT website through the same link as used for application.

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However, the link is currently not available on the MoWT website although the Senior Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Works and Transport, Susan Kataike says it will be uploaded soon. She went on to inform that this system is aimed at reducing the long queues at Ministry of Work and Transport offices

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