Ziza Bafana Releases a new 42-Day Lockdown Masterpiece – Download it

Mbuzi Embuzi mp3 Download by Ziza Bafana - Free Music 2021

Once faded but now inform singer Richard Kasendwa alias Ziza Bafana released a new 42-day lockdown banger dubbed Embuzi. This massive banger follows the MPEKE collaboration with Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso. Embuzi is a Luganda word that means a goat literally meaning taking away a girls virginity hehehehe.

Ziza Bafana struggled so much during the first lockdown as he went mute and did not release any hit bangers at that time… Well, this time around, the Tuli Majje singer has rooved on all music addicts inside their homes as he never allows boredom to take over their LIVES.

Ziza Bafana has never disappointed his fans and followers since his breakthrough in the music industry… According to the Embuzi singer, he believes that this tune will make people even forget that they are in  a 42-day lockdown.

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Ziza Bafana set to Release a new 42-Day Lockdown Banger – Download it

Many artists are struggling as the government put up very strict restrictions due to the outbreak of COVID-19… Additionally, this means many singers don’t have enough funds to get to the studio and record projects for their fans since their major source of income were concerts.

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