Electronic number plate project takes shape

The electronic number plate project takes shape with the national registration of Boda Bodas. The government has at long last commenced the electronic number plate venture as one of the approaches to help battle culpability in the nation as featured by President Museveni as of late.

The Police representative, Fred Enanga on Monday said that police areas through divisions and locale have been mapped out to facilitate crafted by enlisting the Boda Bodas all through the nation.

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“The activity started two months back as a component of our security-upgrading instrument. The measure will make it simpler to police the Boda part given the ascent in wrongdoing. It will advance open wellbeing and availability, matters that are applicable to the requirement of the enactment and natural protection,” Enanga said.

Electronic number plate

As indicated by police, with the assistance of wrongdoing knowledge officials and analysts, they have had the option to distinguish the different stages inside the police districts the nation over and this, Enanga said would disentangle their work.


As indicated by Police, riders are required to show their national IDs, points of interest of spots of living arrangement, specifics of the cruiser and supporting reports.

The cyclists are additionally required to give subtleties of the phases where they work from.

“Up until now, 150,000 Boda Bodas have been enrolled and the reaction is great yet no Boda ought to be enlisted in more than one area,” Enanga said.

He, in any case, explained that no boda will be halted from undertaking ventures outside the regions of enrollment.


The enlistment of boda bodas is a piece of the 10-point methodology that President Museveni a year ago arranged security organizations to execute so as to manage the rising flood of vicious wrongdoing that hit the nation, particularly the Kampala Metropolitan Area.

The wave has seen various individuals including AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Joan Kagezi, Col.Ibrahim Abiriga, Muhammad Kirumira and Maj.Muhammad Kiggundu executed by obscure attackers.

“We will require each driver and motorcyclist to have electronic number plates with an electronic sign-in them – to be caused at the expense of each proprietor. This will empower us to know which vehicle or piki (bike) was in a specific zone when wrongdoing was committed,” Museveni said during the State of the Nation address in 2018.

“We need new head protectors with lit-up numbers at the front and at the back. These head protectors will be enlisted and put in the focal handling frameworks of Police.”

Boda bodas have consistently been the most straightforward method of escape transport for hoodlums in practically every one of the wrongdoings incorporating murders submitted in the previous barely any years.

The Police chief responsible for criminal examinations, AIGP Grace Akullo as of late credited the killings to expanded number boda bodas in the nation and headway in innovation.

“There is broad utilization of Boda Bodas making it simple for individuals to carry out violations and later break easily, “Akullo said.

In any case, with the establishment of CCTV cameras in practically all pieces of the Kampala Metropolitan Area, the enlistment of Boda Bodas and ensuring execution of the electronic number plate venture will be simple.

Appropriately, it will currently be anything but difficult to realize which sort of cruiser was utilized to submit which offense using CCTV cameras to follow it utilizing information got from the enlistment work out.

The CCTV cameras with extraordinary highlights that make them ready to peruse number plates will be much at work here that in the event that a wrongdoing is submitted, security will simply check film for the bikes that were in the region at that specific time and quest for subtleties of the proprietor, rider and stage where cruiser can be effectively got.


Security authorities told this site soon, the Ministry of Works and Transport will likewise reveal a program for enrolling once more all engine vehicles in the nation as a major aspect of the more extensive electronic number plate venture that began with Boda Bodas.

To underline this, President Museveni a week ago entrusted the security pastor to guarantee computerized distinguishing proof of vehicles and cruisers moves easily.

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