Eddy Kenzo, first Ugandan to break this YouTube record


Edrisa Musuza alias Eddy Kenzo is the first Ugandan to reach One Million YouTube subscribers in Uganda. Hmm… Quarantine seems to be a blessing to Eddy Kenzo… Cheei should we say the departure of Rema Namakula brought more blessings for the Kaana Kambata. Edrisa Musuza ran to his social media accounts to share the joy with his fans. This is because it’s his fans who have made him achieve such a great achievement in his career.

Eddy Kenzo Musuza
Eddy Kenzo “Kaana Kambata”

This, however, has left a lot of questions for other Ugandan artists. Youtube is one of the greatest platforms in the whole world with a lot of crazy audiences. Therefore, having such an achievement for an artist is awesome for both the Country and him as well.

Fortebet Uganda

What does this bring to young artists in Uganda?

Well, this portrays a very good lesson before the young chaps out there to always believe in themselves. This is because if you have follwed Eddy Kenzo from day one, you find out that his journey has been a tough one. Edrisa Musuza came from the streets, did some hustles in town before joining the music industry. However, when he joined the music industry, he was criticized by so many people. Hmm, to cut the story the short, Eddy Kenzo has always believed in God and he has worked tiressly towards his success.

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Not so long ago, Eddy Kenzo became the first Ugandan in the Ugandan music industry to ever win the BET award. As always still many did not feel contented with his award, however, a few celebrated his success because it inspired many. Now today Edrisa Musuza has again broken another record of being the first-ever Ugandan to reach one million subscribers on YouTube. I hope this will be a lesson for many artists out there not always wait for Local radio stations to play their music. They can always use any digital platforms to promote their talents out there. Thank you Mr. Eddy Kenzo for again another achievement… Stay Safe in Ivory Coast.

“I am the first Ugandan to reach 1,000,0000 subscribers on YouTube. Thank you so much, everyone. I am so excited like very super excited,” Eddy Kenzo wrote on his Facebook page.

Details to follow…

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