Dubai Expo is to lure investors not to impress Ugandans, Chris Baryomunsi

Chris Baryomunsi

Minister Chris Baryomunsi has come out to clarify that the exhibition at the 2020 Dubai Expo was meant to attract investors and not to impress Ugandans on social media.

The Minister of Information, Communications Technologies and National Guidance made the comments following the disappointments expressed by Ugandans over the exhibition that was displayed on behalf of the country during the Dubai Expo 2020.

Furthermore, the Minister informed that despite the negativity expressed by Ugandans, the country is actually performing tremendously at the expo since major deals are being signed.

Therefore, he informed the Ugandans who have been expressing their sentiments that the exhibition at the Expo is actually meant to promote trade and investment in the country rather than impressing them.

“We did not come here to impress Ugandans. We came here to attract significant investors and we’re doing well,” Baryomunsi stated while appearing at a local television stations earlier this week

Aside from that, Baryomunsi said some of the delegates who went for the Expo must have failed to understand the digital means of exhibiting the country’s goodies and expected something similar to what they see at the Jinja Agricultural show.

In so speaking, he particularly pointed at the Member of Parliament who posted a video in which he said there was no one on the Ugandan pavilion to attend to various people seeking information.

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“Some MPs who put out videos on social media expected something like the Jinja Agricultural Show. Here, we are exhibiting using digital platforms,” Baryomunsi went on to criticize the behavior of Ugandans.

Additionally, in relation to the empty pavilion the Minister said, “The MP who recorded that video came to the pavilion at night when people had gone go sleep and put out a video saying there’s no one at the pavilion.”

Aside from the Minister of ICT, the Minister of Agriculture, Hon Frank Tumwebaze also came out to say that despite the social media criticisms, Uganda was doing well and the construction of a tea factory in South Western Uganda was underway since the deal was already signed.

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