Drunken driver knocks police officer dead in Kasanga

Drunken driver knocks police officer dead in Kasanga

A drunken driver claimed the life of a police officer over the weekend when he knocked him dead during curfew time.

The police officer who was trying to enforce the curfew guidelines but tragically met his death has been identified as Police Constable Bosco Owili who was attached to the field force unit at Kabalagala police station in Kampala.

On the other hand, the drunken driver who knocked dead the police officer near Rubis Petrol Station, Kasanga on Sunday evening at around 8 pm has been identified as Haman Rujjumba.

Basing on eye witness, Mr. Dan Muhindo, a boda boda rider attached to Kampala International University (KIU) stage, Owili (the deceased police officer) was riding a police motorcycle along Ggaba road near the university when Haman lost control and knocked him.

Whereas another encounter from an eye witness known as Mr. Andrew Aguta indicates that the policeman was knocked by the suspect that was coming from the city direction at a terrific speed.

“The vehicle passed here and it almost knocked us because it was on high speed. I called my friend who is a police officer at Kabalagala Police Station and told him about the vehicle. A few minutes later, our fellow boda bodas called us saying the car had knocked a police officer,” he retold the events that happened.

Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed the incident and said that the police at Kabalagala were notified of the events, which lead them to the scene where they identified the deceased.

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The team of police officers also recovered the police motorcycle on which the victim rode a SMG AK-47, a damaged magazine and also the car with which the police officer was knocked and killed.

Whereas the body was taken to the city mortuary for a post-mortem while the suspect had escaped which prompted the police to search the area for him until he was captured at a nearby clinic.

“The police mounted a manhunt for the suspect, who was found hiding at Rock Clinic in Church Zone, a few metres away from the crime scene. He was arrested immediately and taken to Kabalagala Police Station for detention,” informed the deputy police mouthpiece.

Adding salt to injury, CCTV footage indicates that the same driver had knocked police officers at Kabalagala prior to the tragic accident that cost another officer’s life at a later time in the night.

The breathalyzer test conducted on the suspect also informed that he alcohol which was exceeding the o.oo limit standing at a 0.692 content in his body system, another offense added to his endless lost.

Currently, he is behind bars as further Investigations are being carried out to prepare him for his appearance behind the dock in a courthouse.

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