Drop in COVID-19 patients rules out chances of third wave

COVID-19 cases

National Planning Authority  has eliminated chances of a third wave of Covid-19 thanks to the shrinking numbers of covid-19 patients.

The conclusion was drown thanks to the fact that the weekly reports that have been accumulated over time indicate that the number of patients suffering from COVID-19 had dropped over time.

Through a model method that was developed alongside Pennsylvania State University, this method had been proven to be 97%, a conclusion was drawn that there are minimal chances of another Covid-19 wave as earlier predicted.

“Important to note from the projections is that, currently, there is no imminent threat of a third COVID-19 wave in Uganda. The decreased rate of the slowdown of the new cases may indicate that people are now starting to live with the COVID pandemic and probably the enforcement of SOPs is also becoming weaker due to the former or weariness of the security forces,” read a statement released by National Planning Authority.

Furthermore, the body stated that the number of infections have dropped tremendously which only means that the earlier anticipated Covid-19 third wave is not around the corner for Uganda as the statement went on to say;

“The model projections indicate a continuing decline in daily new cases, with an expectation of an average of 454 new cases per day for the week ending July, 24, 2021. Our observation is that the total lockdown has been successful in reducing the spread of COVID-19.”

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According to Ministry of Health statistics as per 17th June, Uganda had 265 new cases while it also registered 39 deaths. Recoverio stood at 1127 while out of every hundred people tested for Covid-19, only 7.3% tested positive.

Out of Uganda’s 90,656 cumulative Covid-19 cases, the reports also went ahead to show that 68,241 of these have recovered from the virus which police has to maintain through ensuring maximum respect of the Standard Operating Procedures.

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