Dress code is not an excuse for our stupid acts – Maro on Sheebah’s rape allegations

RnB singer Maro has also come out to add his voice on singer Sheebah Karungi’s sexual harassment allegations.

According to Maro dress code which some people have been blaming for Sheebah’s woes is not an excuse or gate pass for rape.

The singer further said that some old men have been speaking about Sheebah’s remarks and are currently trending. However the self styled RnB Kyabazinga said that these men don’t speak for the rest of the other men who respect women and are ready to die for them. Maro added that these men should learn to control their sexual urges.

Maro also blasted those saying that Sheebah should reveal the culprit who sexually abused her. According to Maro, Sheebah’s got her own reasons she didn’t reveal the name and should be left alone as she will in due time.

The Kyoyenda singer added that attention should now be shifted to the countless, helpless and voiceless women out there who face the same problems but have no where to run to.

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