“Dr. Tanga Odoi did not cancel my victory,” – Naome Kabasharira

"Dr. Tanga Odoi did not cancel my victory," - Naome Kabasharira

Naome Kabasharira has finally opened up about her results in the recent NRM elections that were held countrywide. She has silenced rumors making rounds on different social media platforms showing that NRM electoral body boss Tanga Odoi canceled her results. Meanwhile, many candidates showed their dissatisfaction with the results announced by the NRM electoral commission. In addition, this has seen many come out and petition the electoral body’s results while other candidates continue to show their disappointment in the NRM electoral body.


This is not different from the Rushenyi saga where the contest was between the incumbent Hon. Rukutana and Naome Kabasharira. According to some sources, Naome emerged as the final winner after leading Rukutana with a huge percentage. However, it’s not always easy to accept defeat, therefore, Rukutana’s voters started celebrating claiming victory belonged to them but the NRM EC announced Naome Kabasharira as the winner.

A vote recount was held yesterday after the NRM EC boss Tanga Odoi went to Mbarara to find out the truth. However, Naome Kabasharira still gathered more votes than Rukutana thus emerging as the final winner.

NRM Electoral Commission Boss Dr. Tanga Odoi
NRM Electoral Commission Boss Dr. Tanga Odoi

“I spoke with the NRM EC boss Dr. Tanga Odoi and I can confirm that he did not cancel my victory. This is because Odoi is not the one who voted for me, however, it’s the people who cast their votes. Therefore I can assure the people of Rushenyi constituency that I am the winner and we can carry on with our celebrations,” Naome Kabasharira said.

Briefly, who is Naome Kabasharira?

Naome Kabasharira

Naome was born on 12 October 1967 at Ndoragi, Kagongi, Rugarama, Rushenyi, in Ntungamo district. She attended Rugarama for primary, Bweranyangi for O-Level, Kampala high and Nabbingo for UACE. Kabasharira then joined Makerere University in 1991 where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences. In 2014, she graduated with BBA at Karnataka state open university India. Naome Kabasharira is married and blessed with one biological son and 3 others.

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Naome worked with the AIDS information center in 1992 and she joined politics in 1994. In addition, Ntungamo just curved out of Mbarara and Bushenyi in 1993 and I became its 1st woman MP(NRC) member 1994. In 1996 after the constitution, she became the 1st woman MP of Ntungamo and served for one term. She then had a recess for two terms and went back in 2011 as a woman MP and for served one term. However, she didn’t make it in 2016, therefore, she deceided to go to Rushenyi county in 2020 which Rukutana represented. In conclusion, for the years she was not in parliament, she was self-employed

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