Dr. Muyingo eliminates possibility of schools opening this month


Minister of Higher education, Dr. John Chrysestom Muyingo has eliminated truth from the media rumour that schools will reopen this September.

Unlike the media claims, Dr. Muyingo disclaimed this information while speaking at the release of the Uganda Business and Technical Examinations stating that the possibility of opening schools were slim.

Prior to this, speculations had spread all over media indicating that the Ministry of Education and Sports was set to open schools in the first two weeks of September specifically Primary One to Three and Senior one to three.

Basing on Dr. Muyingo, only cabinet had the jurisdiction to authorize reopening of schools and not Ministry or Government like media has portrayed for the past few weeks while claiming schools will be opened.

“I have been reading many newspaper articles about schools reopening and I am sure some of you are confused. First of all, it’s not true that government or my ministry has come up with dates for school reopening. This is not true. You are saying two weeks, three weeks. No,” Muyingo informed.

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Additionally, he said that a proper communication would be made later on after following proper consultation and the information being shared right now has yet to be concluded as he said;

“We are still planning, consulting. At an appropriate time, a formal communication will be made. What you hear, what some of my colleagues have been saying are merely consultations. At the end of all these consultations, our ministry will present to Cabinet which has to make a formal communication.”

Back in June, schools were closed resulting from the surge in the number of people suffering from covid-19 in the country. Since then, medical students are the only ones who have returned while the rest of the students’ community still waits for a formal communication from the government.

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