Dr Jose Chameleone accused of witchcraft and Illuminati-sm

One thing that singer Jose Chameleone has become accustomed to in his over two decade career is controversy.

It can be credited as part of the formation of his illustrious career and besides showbiz has made his brand.

The latest controversy is an upcoming singer known as Erio Disk who has come out to accuse the Leone Island owner of thumping him to pulp.

Disk said that the reason Chameleone beat him up was for constantly moving in the company of his brother Weasel Manizo.

Besides that, Chameleone wanted to offer him as a sacrifice but he managed to wrestle his way out and run.

“He beat me so badly, broke all my chains and it looked like they wanted to sacrifice me because you know when these people are shooting music videos they have to sacrifice something so when they started pulling me to a weird place, I fought back and ran away from them. He then threw a brick at me which hit me bad,” Erio Disk said during an interview on Bukedde TV.

He went ahead to post photos of his badly beaten and swollen body on his social media pages.

Disk then said God will judge Chameleone for his sins including that of murdering the late Kalamaji.

“You beat me just because I was riding with Weasel but move on with your manners. We just hand you over to God, because even Kalamaji’s family members are still crying,” he added.

Disk further said that he couldn’t report the musical doctor to Police because he would be favored.

Besides he has many cases there that have never been solved..

“I couldn’t report him to police because the police officers are his fans and they will favour him. He has so many cases at police stations but they can’t do anything to him.”  

The Mayanja family has become notoriously famous for their violent behavior.

At least each one of them has been indicated in scenarios of violence at several points in their rich careers.

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