Dr Cephco’s leaked s3x tape leaves netizens in whispers ( video


Ugandans oh God, it seems like its nolonger May God Uphold Thee but may s3x tapes uphold thee. The rate at which adult tapes are getting leaked in the banana Republic is alarming.

The latest belongs to famous Tiktok Dr Cephco. Cephco who gained fame after being jailed by faded singer Full Figure has made sure to stay in the headlines.

Shortly after being helped by Catherine Kusasira to get bail from jail, he was involved in an altercation with socialite Sheikh Umar over Cephco’s girlfriend Jowie.

Cephco broke up with Jowie and proceeded to hook up with a one Yvonne Nakankaka. The two have been so quick to chewing themselves amd even releasing a s3x tape that left Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa beefing Cephco over his gigantic Lwasa-mayinja.

Many have been left in amazement over Cephco’s bangin skills although not many were impressed with Yvonne’s work.

Below is the video:

Cephco and Yvonne Kankaka?

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