Dr Cephco’s girlfriend opens up about their s3xtape


There is nobody that has been in the news for the past few days as Tiktoker Dr Cephco. From jail to accusations and s3xtapes, boy child has seen it all.

His new girlfriend, Yvonne Nakankaka with whom they released a s3xtape together has come out address this shocking incident .

She denied being the one in it and said that the would never engage in such unbecoming actions. They are therefore meant to tarnish her name and detail her success. But she would never engage in such.

“I have become aware of the circulation of a video on social media purportedly showing me engaging in a sexual intercourse.

I categorically deny the mindless suggestion that I am the female actor in the video and all inferences it draws. Those who started and promoted it have only succeeded in giving us a glimpse of the crude and unfulfilled lives they live.

I want to assure my friends and family and you my followers, am grateful and with due respect I give you, I can’t involve in such barbaric and dastardly actions.

In accordance with my religion I forgive the architects of this video and agenda, I see these orchestrations as negative campaigns against me and my success

Thank you,” Nakankaka posted.

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