Dr. Aceng says Uganda requires 8,000 oxygen cylinders daily

Ministry of Health minister Jane Aceng - Covid-19 death toll covid 19 cases

According to Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, Uganda requires 8,000 oxygen cylinders on a daily basis to supplement the supplies from the regional hospital.

The Minister went on to say that the country is currently facing a great deficit in oxygen supply due to the influx of coronavirus patients and the only was to try and catch up is by using oxygen cyclinders which Uganda doesn’t have.

Additionally, Dr. Aceng said that Uganda requires 8,000 five liters cyclinders of oxygen so as to supplement the oxygen being produced at oxygen plants at various hospitals, she said during a World Health Organization press conference.

Currently, neighboring countries like Kenya are the ones running to Uganda’s aid, she believes the country’s private sector could give an extra hand as well, however, she still thinks these maybe insufficient since Uganda lacks oxygen cyclinders.

Due to lack of oxygen cyclinders, Uganda therefore cannot get oxygen from Kenya or private companies because there are no cyclinders into which the oxygen would have been put otherwise.

Statistics from Ministry of Health point out that 9% of people infected by Covid-19 require to be put on oxygen, while the Minister of Health revealed that each Referral Hospital has in between 10-14 cyclinders that cannot match up to the growing demand.

All the country’s Referral hospitals are facing the same challenge including the National Referral Hospital, Mulago, therefore, patients in better health conditions are being taken off oxygen for the sake of those in serious critical conditions.

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Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng believes that if the country could get the 8,000 oxygen cyclinders, there  would be a great drop in the number of people dying from the deadly coronavirus disease in the country.

However, medics working in the intensive care unit refute the idea saying piped oxygen may be more ideal seeing as many patients are not responding to the nodal oxygen which is found in the cylinders.

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