Douglas Lwanga, MC Kats, DVJ Mercy Pro & DJ Roja’s salaries exposed

Douglas Lwanga and MC Kats

There has been a debate about how much NBS pays the After 5 team made up of Douglas Lwanga, MC Kats, DJ Roja, and DVJ Mercy Pro. This geared up after Frank Gashumba exposed NTV Uganda yesterday at 5.00 pm while doing his Facebook Live in a way of defending his daughter. In addition, his daughter Sheila Gashumba was bashed on social media after posting what she used to earn on NTV.

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“50,000 Uganda Shillings per show that is 1,000,000 Uganda Shillings a month (5 days in a week).!! Lol JOKERS!! Some stations should be ashamed of themselves. Come on! Why pay too little for the talent you front!! I used to get paid more when I was on Tnation than when I was on THE Beat.  In addition, I used to do make up for 80K and get paid 50K…hmmm total shame on you,” Sheila Gashumba posted.

Douglas Lwanga (left) and MC Kats (right)

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Therefore this created a debate around social media about the salaries Kin Kalisa’s employees of the After5 show. In addition, our news team has managed to gather the right information for you and this is what they earn.

Douglas Lwanga earns 1.8M Uganda Shillings per month while MC Kats alias Edwin Katamba earns 2.2M Uganda Shillings per month.

DVJ Mercy pro and DJ Roja earn a combined salary of 3M Uganda Shillings per month thus each taking 1.5M back home at the end of the month. However, this salary covers all their show on After 5, NBS Katchup and nxt radio.

DVJ Mercy Pro extreme left, MC Kats, Douglas, and DJ Roja

Therefore this is the reason why Douglas Lwanga and MC Kats brag as the most paid TV presenters in the whole of Uganda. However, MC Kats used to earn only 500K Uganda shillings while he was still working on NTV for his exposed show.

In conclusion, the above four presenters earn really well and besides that, they have side businesses. In addition, Douglas Lwanga is the CEO of the purple party event while DJ Roja partners with Slick Stuart for their mixtape parties.

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