“Don’t Pay Our Oppressor,” Bobi Wine Urges Donors in New Song

Bobi Wine sets Dates for his African Online Concert

National Unity Platform party president Robert Kyagulani alias Bobi has released a new track this afternoon. In his song, Don’t pay our oppressor, the former Presidential candidate has urged doners from funding dictatorial African governments.The backing tracks were done in Cape Town, and the song recorded in Kampala. The song feathures “Expensive Poverty” Author Dr. Greg Mills and Robin Auld.

“Don’t pay the oppressor…, he is taking everything he can. We got to make our on plans,” the song starts.

While releasing his jam, said that foreign aid should be directed towards citizens.

“Our message in the song is simple: foreign aid should be directed at uplifting citizens and not helping despots to cling to power. We call out the phenomenon of mis-directed aid which often-times helps despots more than needy citizens,” Bobi Wine said.

“The song precedes a very important book being released by Dr. Greg Mills this October titled, Expensive Poverty. One in three Africans live in poverty yet the continent has received more than $1.2 trillion in aid over the last 30 years.,” he said

“What can we do to turn our economies around? There simply must be a better way to develop Africa.Spanning decades of experience across 40 African countries, Greg Mills seeks to understand why aid spending has had such a small impact on improving African lives. It also shows how aid can be a great disrupter for progress,” he added

Check out the full song on this link: bit.ly/3lg9GpO

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