Don’t bring your ‘kiwalata’ back to my place- Leila Kayondo blasts ex SK Mbuga

Man, people be there chewing themselves undercover when y’all thought that they broke up. If you’re in a relationship and your partner has something that links them to their ex, just be wary because what might be going on under your nose is something you wouldn’t want to discover.

Such is the case between faded singer Leila Kayondo and her ex partner SK Mbuga. The two seem to have been chewing themselves undercover till things got messed up between them.

The pair bitterly broke up in 2016 after Leila accused the STV owner of domestic violence. She appeared with bruises allover her body.

Mbuga tried everything to win her back but failed and ended up marrying Vivienne Jalia Birungi his current wife.

Leila however took to her WhatsApp status to warn Mbuga to stay away from her. She threatened to expose him if he dares comes back to her house.

The singer also called him an uneducated fool who runs after every skirt that speaks a foreign language because he finds them attractive.

People however have been left shocked by Leila’s revelations. No one saw this coming as everyone thought that the two were done. It is therefore baffling on what Mbuga has been looking for from Leila’s place. What triggered Kayondo to this state is also not clear.


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