Don Zella calls for smart wire auditions on her Facebook page

Socialite Don Zella seems to be missing a smart wire ever since the death of her husband Mr James.

She took to her Facebook page to ask men to audition for smart wires.

Don Zella said that she’s willing to put this lucky man on a payroll.

She further wrote the qualities she needs from this particular man.

“Submit your smart wire application

You should be cute
Hold my bag when am living the car
Call me mummy
Provide breakfast in bed
No issues with dogs
Must look nice and representable
Salary 200k a week
Shot put totawana
Submit pictures in my inbox its gonna be a contract date,” Don Zella revealed.

Several people started sending in their qualities to Don Zella’s inbox and among these were their d1cks.

She took to her Facebook account to plead with these people to stop sending in their solidoz because she wanted their full bodies and not their wires.

“Banange munzisa obusolo nabagambye pictures as in looks kyoka muwereza zubra nze nzitya njaziba na amaaso mukazi wabandi,” she complained.

It’s crystal clear that Don Zella is a sugar mommy and loves younger men. She’s previously dated rhe likes of Tamale Mirundi Junior son to controversial political analyst Tamele Mirundi, and also singer Big Eye.

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