Dominic Ongwen lawyers displeased with the 25-years court sentence

Dominic Ongwen lawyers displeased with the 25-years court sentence

Dominic Ongwen’s lawyers lead by Krispus Ayena Odong are displeased with the court’s 25-year sentence of their client and promise to appeal the ICC ruling.

They claim the judges’ ruling focused elsewhere and missed out on the most important part that was meant to be of importance in the ruling of the Dominic Ongwen case.

“Horrific. The Judges missed the point even on basic principles of law,” said Krispus Ayena Odong.

The section of judges however stated that their ruling considered the fact that the accused had been abducted and went through suffering on his own although he later because the inflictor of the same pain.

“The Chamber was confronted in the present case with a unique situation. It is confronted with a perpetrator who wilfully and lucidly brought tremendous suffering upon his victims. However, it is also confronted with a perpetrator who himself had previously endured extreme suffering himself at the hands of the group of which he later became a prominent member and leader,” said the presiding Judge of the Court’s Trial Chamber IX Bertram Schmitt.

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Although two of the judges Judge Bertram Schmitt and Judge Péter Kovács sentenced Ogwen to 25 years, the third Judge Raul Cano Pangalangan believe Ongwen deserved a ruling of at least 30 years.

Dominic Ongwen was on 6th May sentenced to 25 years in prison a period that was considered equivalent for the sixty-one crimes he had charged with. He had previously been part of the Lord Resistance Army which had terrorised regions of Northern Uganda and claimed over 100,000 lives.

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