Do you rape your sisters who dress skimply- Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga

Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga has come out to question men who have a habit of sexaully assaulting female musicians if they do the same to their relatives and sisters.

This is after singer Sheebah was fingered by a yet to be identified person as she took a nap in her car waiting to perform.

Most people then came out to blame singers for indecent dressing. Theee argued that these artists sexuall provoke them with their enticing skimpy costumes.

Mayiga however said that this is a very weak excuse amd these should learn to respect these singers.

“Dress code shouldn’t be an excuse at all by these culprits who perpetrate these shameful acts. Do these people mean that they try to touch their sisters inappropriately when they find them in miniskirts?

I for one have always disagreeed with the notion of undressing women in public. So you who has undressed her and her, who is promoting nudity in public,” the Katikkiro wondered.

Further he advised singers to respect their profession as any other work. This is because its what brings food onto their table.

The Katikkiro also consented to attending Spice Diana’s EP album party launch this Thursday at Cubana Lounge. Spice Diana says that she invited Mayiga as the guest of honor because he supports her music and Ugandan music at large.

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