Dikteta Mark chewed and impregnated Naira Ali- she accuses him


Female singer Naira Ali who lives in the US nowadays has become famous for exposing media personalities who bonk upcoming female musicians all in the name of promoting their music.

She at first exposed Dembe FM presenter DJ Jacob Omutuze and now she’s turned the gun onto CBS FM’s Dikteta Mark.

Mark and Naira Ali have quite been friends just the same way she was with Jacob.

However, her latest post of late hit straight at his heart.

Naira Ali took to her Facebook page to warn the ladies that they shouldn’t be deceived by the radio presenter’s smartness.

This is because he’s good at denying pregnancies.

“Don’t let his smartness fool you! Oyo yegana embuto Oyo!” posted Naira Ali through her socials.

Quickly Dikteta Mark took to the comment section and told her that he won’t chew her sumbie even if she does a surgery on her big forehead.

“I won’t give you some no matter what you do. Even if you do a surgery on your forehead,” he replied.

Social media users have been left with one unanimous thought, the two harvested each other and maybe got misunderstandings.

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