Did You Want Ssematimba To Produce In A Cow? Catherine Kusasira Questions Critics

Golden band singer Catherine Kusasira has jumped to the defense of former Busiro South legislator Peter Ssematimba.

This follows the ongoing saga where the politician turned pastor is being accused by his former maid Namatovu Joan from accessing a child they sired together.

Namatovu shockingly came out this week to reveal how Ssematimba had resorted to bonking her tubeless in the absence of his wife.

This resulted into a baby girl who is now ten years old.

However Ssematimba recently served Namatovu with a court order seeking full custody of the child.

And as many people have criticized Ssematimba for sleeping with his maid, Kusasira thinks that this is not a problem at all.

She went ahead to say that it’s women’s mistakes that always lead their husbands into temptation.

“Being a maid does not stop anyone from being human and having feelings. It’s also a job like any other. Those blaming Ssematimba also have their own short falls only that they don’t make it to the public eye. Good enough Ssematimba sired a kid from a woman and hasn’t even declined responsibility. Did they want him to produce in a cow or a fellow man? Sometimes it’s our mistakes as women that lead our husbands into temptation. Where was the wife while all this was happening?” Kusasira wondered.

She went ahead to applaud Namatovu for being a wise woman for having a child with a man like Ssematimba.

This is because he’s a presentable figure who has wealth unlike several men who would right away run away from their baby mamas.

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