Diamond Platinumz officially marries his employee

According to the latest rumors and photos making rounds on social media, Wasafi Records boss Diamond Platinumz has allegedly officialised his relationship with his employee Zuchu.

It seems after traversing the entire globe where he has feasted on a number of babes such as Zari Hassan, Hamisa Mobeto, Wema Sepetu, Tanasha Donna among others, the singer who was nicknamed Father Abraham for his bedminton skills has decided to zip up.

A video and photos that circulated online showed the singer and Zuchu having a traditional marriage ceremony that was attended by a few close family ad friends.

The Sukari singer is seen entering the tent where the ceremony took place as a singer crooned for them.

The rumors of the two dating gained momentum after Juma Lokole a friend to Platinumz and employee at Wasafi FM confirmed the relationship between the two singers.

It’s however also rumored that the Nanzaaje singer’s mother doesn’t like Zuchu as rumors have always had it that she has a big say in the self styled Simba’s personal relationships.

However, Zuchu’s mother claimed to have received the dowry for her daughter already and is willing to let her go.

She even went to her Instagram page and posted that her daughter’s biggest day is upcoming and will happen on Valentines day.

“Zuhuru my child, I have brought you up in good values and I know you are a girl with the right decisions and as your mother, I must say I support you. The 14tj is going to be your big day, there is no woman who’s does not have this dream. May the Almighty God stand for you, I know you will not fail me. Let this day not only be your biggest, but also the beginning of a new happy life. May God protect you, my child.” Khadija Zuchu’s mother wrote on her Instagram page.

Its not yet clear whether this is a marketing strategy sort of or if it’s real.

However we shall keep you posted.

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