Diamond Platinumz manager Babu Tale joins politics – PHOTOS

Diamond Platinumz manager Babu Tale joins politics

WCB Boss Diamond platinum has opened up about his manager Babu Tale declaring interest in joining politics. This followed after Hamisa Tale aka Babu Tale developed and declared interests in Morogoro Parliamentary seat. In addition ahead of their general elections which will take place in October.

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Diamond’s manager Babu Tale went ahead and picked nomination papers from the Chama Cha Mapinduzi’s (CCM) offices in Morogoro. Therefore this confirmed his awesome journey to the Parliament. However, this is what the WCB Boss had to say about his manager… Hmmm, should we say he was inspired by Uganda’s Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine, the leader of the People Power Movement.

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Diamond however assured Babu Tale full support from the WCB Wasafi family and also he believes in his amazing leadership skills.

Diamond Platinumz manager Babu Tale joins politics
Babu Tale (L) picking Nomination papers

“I have no doubt about your leadership because I believe if you were able to lead me / the cleaners. In addition, and the various artists who preceded us and all to do well again on a large scale, then I believe through you Morogoro rural South East it will be safe in your hands and I and the whole Safi Family to ensure that we support you physically and materially to bring development to Morogoro Rural Development in the South East and together to support Hon. John Pombe Magufuli to build modern Tanzania,” Diamond Platinumz wrote.

Of course in a way of supporting their beloved member, other WCB wasafi family members took it to social media. In addition and applauded Babu Tale for his interest in joining politics to serve the People of Morogoro.

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Diamond Platinumz manager Babu Tale joins politics
Diamond Platinumz second right and other managers from WCB Wasafi records

“There is a desire for Leadership and Leadership to want someone … !! For your part, we all know that Leadership needs you Mr. Hamisi Shabani Taletale, Your wisdom in performance, mediation, achievement, and fundamental decisions are the proud weapons we work with you. And surely the people of Morogoro South East will be safe in your Wisdom,” Sallam SK posted.

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