Diamond Platinumz confirmed to be chewing his label mate

Credible reports have it how East African music superstar Diamond Platinumz has been and is chewing Zuchu’s sumbie left right centre.

The Wah singer is known to have to a huge appetite for the bearded meat reason he was nicknamed Father Abraham.

The news of the two Wasafi singers bonking themselves night and day was confirmed by Juma Lokole a friend to Diamond.

Lokole is also a presenter on Wasafi FM and added that the relationship of the two singers is now a month old.

“Mimi nawafahamisha, Zuchu na Diamond kweli wana mahusiano.” (I am informing you that Zuchu and Diamond are officially dating.”

“Sasa hivi ni mwezi mmoja. Mapenzi hayafichiki” (It is one month now, Love cannot be hidden.” Lokole revealed.

The two singers collaborated on two songs Cheche and Litawachoma.

Their dance moves and raunchy touches couldn’t be skipped by fans who speculated that Diamond is already feasting on her.

And indeed he has, we would have said hopefully and congratulations but we all know Diamond Platinumz is surveyor.

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