Dhikusooka Brian: my inspirational story of Digital Marketing

Dhikusooka brian

Dhikusooka Brian: my inspirational story of Digital Marketing. In this article, I am going to share with you my journey in Digital Marketing. In addition, and why I decided to choose it.  Many times we may not know what we may become. However, after a short while, we are driven to doing careers that we have never thought of doing in our lives.

It was the year 2019 around July when I started digital marketing lessons. These changed my way of thinking and handling certain issues when it came to Online marketing of businesses.

How did Dhikusooka Brian start his Journey towards digital marketing?

My dream was never to do digital marketing because I had a negative attitude towards it. I met a very good friend of mine Mukisa Vicent who started cyclonetimes.com. Through our discussion with him, he gave me an opportunity to work with him on his blog website as a writer and as well help him do the technical work of the blog website as well. This was because I had some knowledge of Web design and development.

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Dhikusooka Brian

Therefore we started working so closely to ensure that the blog penetrated online, however, we alone could not get the job done. We tried bringing new people on board to help with the project more so Online journalists. In addition, these people would help in writing new and fresh articles on a daily basis. A few people managed to join our struggle but then we had a financial crisis which made us not pay these people for their efforts put in.

Therefore these people left because they were not ready to work without money instead they were after cash. We tried all other means of recruiting new team members but eventually failed due to a shortage of funds. We then tried to look for businesses elsewhere in search of funds to facilitate the day to day activities of the website.

In addition, we moved to different local companies to convince them to come onboard but all this failed due to our poor rankings on the web. “You are not ranked on Alexa and therefore we can’t give your business ads simply because you don’t have any traffic to your website”, they said.

We, therefore, had to look for plan B since Plan A had failed. The next option was to try Google Adsense in order to start earning some little dollars to be able to facilitate the business. We subscribed for Google Ads and guess what, we were approved to start working with Google. We placed the ads on the website and within a few days, we started receiving the money on the Google Account. However, we had no experience with Google Adsense since it was our first time to do online businesses and how to make money online with Google.

Since we didn’t have writers who would contribute content to the website, we decided to copy from other websites and paste on ours then credit these articles. In addition, little did we know that we were violating Google Adsense publishing policies. Therefore Google suspended our account and ads even stopped showing on our news website. This was almost the final blow to the Online blogging business because we really lacked experience and enough resources to sustain this project. We got so disappointed and now the only thing to do was to exit the business.

How did Dhikusooka Brian and his team bring the business back to a new lifeline?

Well, thank you for this great question, always there is a way in whatever tough situation you get. We had to take step three after both Local companies and Google Adsense had denied us business. I had to settle and focus and see how Alexa ranked us. In addition, and also, how Adsense gave us business without violating its policies. Therefore, I now focused on intensive research on digital marketing.

Dhikusooka Brian

This included watching so many tutorials on YouTube, reading so many online books that talked about online marketing, ensuring I offered these free online digital marketing courses. In addition and following blogs, individuals that issued free tips on how to grow businesses using mobile phones and the power of the internet digital marketing influencers. Therefore after thorough research, I learned how to run site audits, keyword research, on-page search engine optimization. In addition, I learned off-page search engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and Google my business.

With the above tools, it was now time for me to start applying what I had learned into the business. I started with re subscribing for a new Google AdSense account which was approved. This was the first signal that all that I had learned was worth the time I put in. Google ads now started showing on the website. The next thing was to ensure we improved on the search findings in the different search engines.

I, therefore, carried out an intensive keyword research analysis using different tools on the internet. This helped to find out the keyword gaps with our competitors in the same industry. I was able to identify the different pages that were driving massive organic traffic to these websites and so, it was another game of tricks to begin yet again. After all that, it was now the time to start ranking number one on Google for certain keywords that our competitors were using in the business.

However, I also learned that if you are to invest your time in Search Engine Optimization or any online business, you have to be patient enough. This is because Google takes some time to really rank your pages and also no one knows the algorithm Google uses to rank these pages. Nevertheless, we as SEO specialists just have to do the job the right way and then leave everything to Google.

Up in my next article, I Dhikusooka Brian will be sharing with you how you can get your website ranked instantly on the Google Search Engine. In addition, I will also share with you how you can carry out a thorough keyword analysis plan for your new project or business.

In conclusion, I started digital marketing because we as a company didn’t have enough capital to pay digital marketers. Also, there was a demand to push our blog through billions of blogs to start sharing that crazy organic traffic with our competitors.

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Am Dhikusooka Brian a web app developer and an SEO Specialist at Interlet Limited. I am a writer at Cyclone Times Uganda and I love doing research so much. CONTACT ME ON +256701085038 OR +256775427530

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