Daxx Kartel disputes Momo19’s witchcraft allegations over their failed marriage

Singer Daxx Kartel has come out to dispute the allegations by his once upon ex wife Momo19 allegations of witchcraft in their marriage.

While appearing in a local interview a few weeks ago, Momo19 said that some people were unhappy about her marriage to the Muyerubah.

These even went ahead to bewitch it and soon if failed. She added that she was so depressed till a friend of hers came to her rescue.

Daxx however blamed miscommunication and undermining the situation as the major cause of the failed marriage.

He added that both of them got so busy with responsibilities and had less time for their marriage.

The Baala singer added that he can’t fault witchcraft because he has no solid evidence.

However, Daxx Kartel said that this break up helped them to learn more about one another and they will live happily after.

The couple got back together a few months ago and are looking forward to a big mega wedding.

Momo19 also revealed that if she ever fails to get back with Daxx Kartel, she won’t date a celebrity again because they are a menace to deal with.

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