Daxx Kartel and Momo19 set for big wedding

News coming in indicate how struggling singer Sulaiman Ssebunya aka Daxx Kartel has reunited with his ex bae, Momo19.

The two a few months ago parted bitterly and vowed to live away from each other.

Momo19 at one even time threatened to pay back the ‘mahare’ /bride price of 50k Daxx Kartel’s family had paid for her.

Rumors had it how the couple had reconciled some time back although they have never come out publicly to acknowledge it.

Reliable sources however confirm that the couple reconciled after family intervention from either side.

The two reunited and started living together again as husband and wife.

It’s further added that Momo19 is even pregnant expecting their first child together.

Upcoming Singer Ruth Ngendo also further catalysed the rumors when she revealed that she can’t wait to perform at the couple’s wedding that will be happening soon.

“Am 100% Ready to perform on Momo19 and uncle Daxx Kartel Omuryeerubah Introduction which is to schedule anytime from now. Love is a sweet thing.❤❤,” She posted through her Facebook page.

The Nswa singer also a few days ago while premiering his new song seemed to give a hint especially at the critics saying that they will soon eat their win vomit.

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