Daddy Andre Got Into A New Relationship Just To Hurt Me- Angela Katatumba

Singer Angela Katatumba has come out to allege that her ex, Daddy Andre only got into a new relationship just to hurt her.

It’s a known fact that when two lovers break up, it’s basically hard for one partner to move on and the will always cringe onto the past.

Andre and Angela dated for less than a year and even recorded a monster hit duet together titled “Tonelabira.”

The two however later controversially broke up with a number of accusations being littered around.

The most shocking one was that Andre had refused to go for an HIV test which led to Angela throwing in the towel.

Less than six months after their breakup, Andre got married to Nina Roz.

This relationship was also short-lived as the two broke up a few months ago.

Angela Katatumba believes that the reason this new relationship of Andre didn’t last was because he was living in self denial.

The “Emotional” singer said that Andre should also stop denying that they weren’t in love because it’s a public secret.

The producer turned singer has maintained that the two were only dating but he wasn’t in love with her.

“I very well know that Andre got into his new relationship just to hurt me. He had taken me to his parents and his friends knew we were an item. He should stop denying that we weren’t in love because he knows the truth very well.
I was ready to settle with him but he failed to do the most important thing I wanted and that was the HIV test. He can be in the different relationships he wants because me I moved over past him.” Katatumba said in an interview with a local television.

The veteran singer has been linked with a number of young male musicians although she has never settled down.

It should be noted that Angela had been around the music industry for around two decades now.

She however thought she had found a partner in the Andeleya singer only to end up being disappointed.

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