COVID: Where is the University that taught Robert Mijumbi to practice research? Asks Ainebyoona

SUMMARY: Where is the University that taught Robert Mijumbi to practice research? Asks Ainebyoona Derrick after reports hit the Internet waves that Robert his colleague had founder the covid pandemic cure.

Mixed reactions are hitting rounds on social media after the alleged Covid cure founder, Robert Mijumbi was arrested yesterday on counts of creating false hopes of COVID-19 cure.

Following his video clips posted on YouTube and later went viral on various social media platforms, Mijumbi Robert an Alumni of Kyambogo University (Bachelor of Science Technology-Biology) and CEO of Biobert Research Group Limited was arrested on Tuesday 14th/04/2020 by Uganda Police in the company of National Drug Authority.

By receipt of the news for the arrest of his colleague, Ainebyoona Derrick is reacting questionably calling upon Robert’s former University, National Council for Higher Education and other bodies to intervene and save him instead of disowning him and keeping a deaf ear when research is being stepped on.

In a message Derrick is channeling to reach the Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, University management and Uganda Police, he argues the government to guide, encourage and support him than arresting a young researcher, an act he claims to be killing the research spirit in Ugandans.

Below is the full message from Ainebyoona Derrick to the government and all the concerned bodies;

I predicted it earlier on that soon he [Robert Mijumbi] will be accused of attempted murder.

Such things kill my spirit of engaging in research!
Kyambogo University, Uganda National Council for Higher Education, Speaker Ugandan Parliament, National Drug Authority, where are you all of you?

First, it was Makerere student making tear gas he was imprisoned, now it’s my brother Robert Mijumbi!

Did he do any crime in practicing what he was taught at Kyambogo University in his course of Bio-Technology? Where is the university that taught him to practice research?

Why didn’t you arrest the Lecturers and Professors of Makerere for inventing a ventilator that can aid in this tough situation?

I think our parents should start giving us our share of fees we go and do other things like business and so on! Otherwise, if we can’t practice what we learn in school what are we doing there and why would they keep spending such huge sums of money?

I imagine how many spirits of research that have been killed including mine.

Why would even National Council for Higher Education approve such courses if their results can’t be appreciated?

I agree, he didn’t use right the channels of any drug discovery but earlier on, I told you all we need is to guide him, encourage him and support him. Why would you arrest him! Is it the best you can do for him, is it the solution at the end of the day?

Doesn’t Uganda have approved laboratories the likes of Uganda Virus Institute, Mbarara University of Science Research Lab, Makerere Institute of Research Lab, etc…?

NDA should give Mr. Robert a chance despite the errors noticed!

In this situation, I don’t enjoy seeing Kyambogo University management keeping quiet. They should find pride in Alumni like MIJUMBI ROBERT who tries his best to put into practice the knowledge he has acquired from Kyambogo University in the attempt of solving society challenges.

It should be our University to stand with such a brave brain in such times when they face hard times from the less concerned like Uganda Police, NDA other than keeping a deaf ear about them and disowning them.

This makes me believe Africans are still waiting for the white man to get the vaccine… imagine till wen?

At what point shall we stop being slaves to a white man?

“Kale, am very annoyed”

Whoever has information on how we can reach the
Vc Kyambogo University, Academic Registrar Kyambogo University, Speaker Ugandan Parliament, NDA Management and National Council for Higher Education should inbox me, they should have a copy of my discomfort.

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In his videos and a letter, he wrote to the Ministry of Health dated 10th/04/2020, Mr. Robert Mijumbi alleges how he created a protein that can cure the COVID-19 infection. “I came up with an enzyme that selectively digests the genotype of the Corona Virus. The therapy is done intravenously and because of the high specificity of this enzyme recovery is expected with immediate effect.” He wrote.

However, this was trashed by the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda and later prompted the National Drug Authority (NDA) to start a hunt for him. After a hunt for 3 days after his publication, Mijumbi was arrested in Bweyogerere after picking one of the calls from the security agencies who trucked and arrested him.

According to NDA, Robert Mijumbi may go to jail for two (2) years if found guilty for the manufacturing and mixing of an unauthorized drug.

Is the Ugandan government doing enough to support research development at all levels with these actions?

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